Our Specific Services

The architectural services we provide are designed to offer you the education, training, experience and vision to guide you through the entire design and construction process, from helping you define what you want to build to helping you get the most for your construction dollar.  Working with contractors and other construction professionals, we’ll help you end up with a well-designed project that meets your needs and works with your budget and time frame. Our management approach follows the six-point outline of the American Institute of Architects.   

Stage One:  Design Development

Programming: Deciding what to build

Architect and client discuss the goals, needs, and function of the project. Design expectations, available budget, pertinent building codes, and zoning regulations are reviewed and analyzed. The architect prepares a written statement setting forth the design objectives, constraints and criteria for the project including site and system requirements.

 Schematic Design:  Developing Initial Design Concepts

Once you’ve defined what you want to build, the architect will draw up a series of rough sketches known as schematic designs.  These sketches will be refined and revised until a solution is developed that meets your needs.  You’ll get a rough preliminary estimate of construction costs at this stage.

This step called design development, is when more detailed drawings are prepared.  Outline specs are prepared that list the major materials and room finishes. Based on these drawings, a more detailed cost estimate will be prepared. During this stage our key skills are those of creativity, insight and professional experience.  Working within these guidelines and current recommendations of the applicable codes, the specific needs that you have identified and our own professional observations, we will employ a sincere and continuous effort by investigating all alternatives, and developing the most thorough, accurate, and suitable design alternatives for your review.  Our technology is extensive as we use AutoCAD drawings to accompany sketches.

 In this phase, we will review project with Regulatory Agencies:

• ADA Guidelines
• National Code Administration – BOCA
• Building and zoning code reviews where applicable – review required permits
• Local or County Planning
• Coordinate and recruit participation of consultants with site engineering and land development.

Stage Two:  Construction Document Preparation

Detailed drawings and specifications are prepared that the contractor will use to establish actual construction costs and to build the project.  These drawings and specs will become a part of the contract.  They set forth in detail the requirements for the construction of the project. 

 Our familiarity with the rural construction industry will be an advantage to your project as we can identify, coordinate and recruit participation of consultants with site engineering, land developing, electrical/plumbing/mechanical and structural. 

During this phase, we are in contact with the required code departments involved, International Construction Code, Department of Labor & Industry, etc.  We frequently travel to Harrisburg to the Department of Health for the preliminary and final plan submission and application process.  Over the years we have developed a long standing relationship with the Department of Health in Pennsylvania, prompt turn-around response from the them as well.

Stage Three:  Bidding/Negotiation

This phase is when the bidding documents, which consist of drawings and specifications, invitations to bid, and bidding instructions are sent out to several different contractors.  Once bids are received the architect will do a bid review, tabulation, and recommendation. Also, the architect will assist in negotiating and furnish a fairly accurate contractor agreement. There may be negotiation as well. 

Stage Four:  Construction Observation

When construction begins, the project moves from an abstraction to a physical reality.  Construction administration services including support and assisting the contractor, scheduling and administering job conferences, reviewing and approving the contractor’s applications for payment, change, orders and submitting.  We follow through the project in its entirety by maintaining an impeccable file documentation on each specific project.